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The Wrong Side of the Road

I’m writing this blog from 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and I’ve got to tell you, I thought I might get some good sleep before I return home to see patients Monday morning….but there’s absolutely no chance of that anytime soon! In fact, I’m so inspired by the students and doctors who just completed Level 1 and Level 2 Art of the Specific in London this past weekend that I wanted to share some thoughts.

If I had to choose one word that sums up the weekend it would be HUMILITY.  For the last 3 days, 13 students and 3 instructors trained in a conference room, in the bottom the Hilton Green Park, only to emerged on Sunday afternoon inspired about the future of chiropractic.  

I’ve taught many different groups of chiropractors and chiropractic students over the last year, but this group trained with a sense of humility and passion that will inspire a movement through Europe.  Though many felt as though they were driving on the wrong side of the road (which would be the RIGHT side in the UK:).  They stuck it out, stayed focused, and by the end of the weekend were getting the hang of the other lane.  

You see, I find that Upper Cervical Chiropractic often makes more sense to the public than it does to chiropractors.  Actually, it’s not that it makes more sense, but that many chiropractors are not willing to step out of their comfort zone, analyze themselves, and realize that they TOO are a variable.  BJ Palmer constantly looked to eliminate as many variables as possible so that when he stepped up to the plate to give an adjustment, he could focus on releasing the innate potential in the individual in front of him.

In London this past weekend multiple doctors joined us who had been practicing for over 10 years or more, and decided it was time to jump in and drive into traffic head on!  Many took a hard look in the mirror, dissatisfied with their current understanding of the philosophy, science, and delivery of chiropractic and played some chicken with oncoming traffic.  And you know what, they survived!  No Excuses, No whining, just WINNING!  Listen, If you are one of our student’s then you know this work is HARD and we can’t make you a MASTER in one weekend.  What we can do, and continue to do, is give you a framework and a foundation to create a discipline to become a MASTER.

Remember, it isn’t the notes that make the music, but the spaces between… and it isn’t The Art of the Specific that makes a master, it’s what you do between the intensives! Thank you for inspiring me, and welcome to the other side of the road.  

Believe me, 2017 is going to our best year ever..  Europe, I’ll see you in October…Stay tuned for more details….We WILL BE BACK.

Need an adjustment of your current understanding on what you do as a chiropractor?  Get yourself to Asheville April 28th-30th.

See you soon,

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