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The Weakest Link

The Weakest Link


In Volume XVIII, the Subluxation Specific -The Adjustment Specific, BJ Palmer, D.C., Ph.C. said,”The single MOST important chiropractic item to recovery of health is adjustment. It is the single WEAKEST link in our professional ability. Capable in all other respects, many chiropractors fail to deliver IT.

I agree with Dr. Palmer completely; however there is a fine detail that most upon reading this quote fail to recognize. Namely, “Capable in all other respects.” These “other respects,” which include heat instrumentation and spinography, are part and parcel of the package to get us to the point of the adjustment (adjustic thrust causing appropriate Innate recoil) in the first place.

It is my opinion, derived from my education by the Chiropractic masters I studied with and my own twenty plus years of experiences both personally in practice and training other Chiropractors and students, that the skill of the adjustic thrust is vital, yes, but completely moot if the practitioner doesn’t know where, when, and when not to apply it.

Spinography is the gold standard in the analysis of the osseous component or the “where” of the vertebral subluxation, and heat instrumentation is its equivalent for the nerve component of the “when and when not to” of the vertebral subluxation.

The proper use (protocol and interpretation) of thermocouple and infrared technology is an art; an art that requires the correct knowledge, instruction and practice for its use as a valid tool. Today there are only a handful of practitioners with the training and experience handed down from the experts and the experience of its application over years. You would do wisely to find one of these and invest in their time.

Go to and download a booklet on heat instrumention that I wrote to help give you a better understanding of thermography.

Come back for next week’s blog in which we discuss thermocouple devices…

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