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Finally! A place to learn about The Art of the Specific!


Finally!  A place to learn about The Art of the Specific!

We have finally heard your demands. This is your one stop place to find information about The Art of the Specific. Here you will find information about who we are and what we stand for. Stay tuned for seminar dates, information about our mission trips, instructional videos and philosophy discussions all centered around The Art of the Specific!

A program designed to take you through competency to MASTERY!

We realize that there is so much confusion out there surrounding the Knee Chest work. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of erroneous information being propagated. We want to help to end the confusion, not add to it!

Gone are the days of “We practice just like BJ did.”

Welcome to 2013. Today we have new understandings of upper cervical anatomy, biomechanics and neurology along with advances in technology that help us to improve our practice with every single patient we see.

The Art of the Specific is designed to respect the history and vision of our forefathers while incorporating today’s advances in science and technology, all while staying congruent with THE CHIROPRACTIC PHILOSOPHY.

Learn The Art of the Specific from a combined 35 years of experience!

Be sure to plug in with us by joining our Facebook Page where you will be able to interact with us and receive upper cervical instruction and philosophy along with updates as to upcoming seminars and events.

Furthermore, we want to invite you to consider beginning your journey towards mastering The Art of the Specific.

After many years of development, our course features eight modules offered in two tracks.

Track 1:

Upper Cervical Philosophy & Rationale

Upper Cervical Neurology & Thermography

Upper Cervical Biomechanics & Spinography

Upper Cervical Knee Posture Solid Headpiece Adjusting

Track 2:

Advanced Neurology & Thermography

Advanced Biomechanics & Spinography

Advanced Adjusting

Case Management

If you are interested in keeping up with us as we continue to grow and bring The Art of the Specific to the world, be sure to sign up on the home page to join our list and stay up to date with everything related to The Art of the Specific!

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