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Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science and Art

“CHIROPRACTIC IS A PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE AND ART. Philosophy, science and art each has ITS constants. In practice, each practitioner has HIS variables.”

The quote can be found in the “yellow” Green Book XX entitled, Precise, Posture-Constant, Spinograph, Comparative Graphs. From the beginning of BJ Palmer’s Chiropractic journey to its end, this theme encompasses his driving force namely to establish constants and eliminate variables.

We can see this early on with BJP’s evolution through nerve tracing, “hot boxes,” and neurocalometer (NCM). He could see the limitations in the various analysis methods that could cause variables or in other words flaws in the results. Early paraspinal heat measurement using the Chiropractor’s palms or backs of the hands was quite subjective in nature. The subjectivity of the symmetry, the physical state and sensory discernment of the Chiropractor are all variables that impacted significantly the results obtained.

By introducing the Dossa Evins invention of the NCM, BJP was able to eliminate a number of variables inherent in the previous “hot box” method of determining heat differentials. The NCM successfully corrected for the subjectivity of the sensory part of the Chiropractor’s hands by establishment of the constant in the thermocouples.

Although BJP from the beginning strove to eliminate variables and establish constants, its greatest emphasis can be seen in the HIO era; staying with the example above of this trend kept developing with the addition of the neurocalograph and neurotempometer. We see it in his early 1930 Lyceum talks, his 1934 technic manual Volume XVIII The Subluxation Specific~The Adjustment Specific, in the above quoted 1938 Volume XX and in a large part in Volume XXV Chiropractic Clinical Controlled Research.

This process was not restricted to heat instrumentation but to every facet of the Chiropractic art, from spinography to the adjustic thrust. A process The Art of The Specific (TATS) takes very seriously and strives to achieve as new science, modern technology and better understanding helps us fine tune our application of Chiropractic.

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