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A Change in Leadership

0115-036-BillMos-019-Edit-681x1024As you all know, The Art of the Specific Family lost its leader, Dr. Andy Roberts, to a sudden and totally unexpected tragedy.

This loss has left us all shaken and very upset.

Not a day goes by that he is not very missed, and he continues to inspire each and every one of us on a daily basis. His influence as “The Guardian of Chiropractic” will forever be a special covering over The Art of the Specific.

I will admit that when Dr. Roberts passed on, I was so devastated that I briefly entertained the notion of abandoning The Art of the Specific and focusing on other things that would keep my mind off of my good friend.

However, I know that this is not what he would want. In fact, he would insist that we not only continue on, but that we GROW.

Therefore I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Bill Moss will be stepping into the role of Director of The Art of the Specific.

Dr. Moss runs a very successful practice in Wyomissing, PA. He has been a regular at The Art of the Specific events, and has a brilliant mind for both the technique and the business element. He has been a speaker at the Dynamic Essentials seminars, and in the past year has branched out to become an internationally recognized speaker. Simply put, he is the perfect fit.

I will be working with Dr. Moss, and the entire team at The Art of the Specific, to up our game and further increase the quality of our instruction worldwide. You will be hearing and seeing a lot from him in the very near future.

Please wish him well in this new endeavor, and show your support by registering to study with him at an upcoming Art of the Specific seminar!

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