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Inauguration Day

This past Friday was a huge day for our country.  Regardless of who you voted for on January 20th a change was coming.  Some people loved the decision, others marched against it….and like it or not we have a new president.

Change comes in many forms, sometimes it’s voting, other times it’s a resigning of sorts, and sometimes it’s death that creates change.  In 2016 The Art of the Specific lost one of its leaders, Dr. Andy Roberts, and shortly thereafter I was asked to take over his position as its director.

Many people loved that decision, I know others were not in support of it, and I get that…HUGE shoes to fill.  What many of them don’t realize is that Andy instilled a work ethic in me that required continuous refinement of my craft and myself. For the past 5 years, he put me on a crash course to refine and define what it meant to be an upper cervical chiropractor.

This past Friday, on inauguration day, I paid homage to Dr. Roberts in the place where he took his last breath, and where his journey began so many years ago, Davenport, Iowa.

His story’s, our chiropractic story, for me came to life this past weekend.  I’ve always been fascinated by the allure of what happened in Davenport over the last century.  It’s hard to deny the feeling of what it must have been like for DD Palmer to know what he had found, this principle, this practice of chiropractic, and how he began to share it.  I wonder if he knew how far stretched the message could be?  I mean after all, it’s only a little river town in Davenport, Iowa.  Because of DD Palmer, BJ Palmer, and Dr. Andy Roberts I now have the gift of spreading The Specific to all corners of the earth.

Though I took over as director over 7 months ago, Friday felt like an inauguration day of sorts, I picked up where my mentor left off this past June to speak and teach the students of Palmer Chiropractic College.  I must tell you, it was an amazing experience.  The students I worked with showed the same heart and passion for chiropractic that we search for in future chiropractors, that often doesn’t readily exist in schools.  I get it, a small population doesn’t represent the whole, but Specific Chiropractic is alive and well, and in my opinion…is incredibly bright.

It is our duty at The Art of the Specific to guard it and pass it to those willing to humbly work hard and share in the vision of spreading the Specific.  Last year was a time for pausing and reflecting on where we were and where we are going.  2017 is about protecting and passing this work on to the bold doctors and students who have what it takes to guard this principle and practice.  The Art of the Specific is not for the weak of heart but it is for those willing to stand for a principle and practice greater than an individual.

You see Andy’s passing was a wakeup call.  It’s a wakeup call to all of us at The Art of the Specific.  Shawn, Lacey, and I understand that we are not going to live forever, but if we can prepare YOU, the knowledge and the system will live on.  It’s going to be a great year, get ready because The Specific will live on, we’re guarding it well… and we hope you will too.  I’ll see you soon.


P.S.  You can Join us this year, all over the world!  Dates are up on our Facebook page.  You can  registration for all events soon and they will be up HERE.

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